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At CFP, we take care to provide our clients high quality, personalized services for their unique needs. We are available to review your project needs and provide assistance with our value engineering services.  We take special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients in designing custom solutions to meet or exceed expectations.  You will find us to be professional, courteous and efficient.

We provide a variety of services including:
Project Management
As a small and medium-sized real estate investor may not be aware of just how much you can save on over-all construction cost and project scheduling.  At CFP, we offer project management service for the planning, bidding, organizing, and securing the various resources needed for your construction or remodel project.  If you don't have an established team of contractors, CFP can offer resources to help bring a team together.  We are selective about the type of projects we will undertake.  Call for more information on how we can be of service to you in this area.

Owner's Representative
What is the role of an Owner's Rep and why do you need one?  An Owner's Rep exists to protect the interests of the Owner or perspective Owner.  Traditionally, the Owner's Rep is an employee of a company.  But with smaller investors and/or smaller investment companies, it's not feasible to retain a staff of all the individuals needed to perform all of those tasks.  Especially, if you are only building or remodeling a few units a year.  

If you are highly interested in purchasing a specific property, we will conduct an overall and/or comprenhesive plumbing inspection, depending on the needs.  We can evaluate your prospective purchase and give you the projected cost of any plumbing issues that are observed through our plumbing inspection, if any.  CFP will help give you the peace of mind you want before making a purchase.    
Legal Services
If you are an attorney and/or community association management team who needs expert and technical plumbing information and/or testimony about a plumbing system in question, we can help.  If you are concerned about the plumbing integrity of your new or older building, call for our support in determining what's right, or not so right, with your current system(s). At CFP, we pride ourselves in offering our clients the most cost-effective and efficient solutions to serious or potentially serious  plumbing and mechanical issues.  Preventing water damage should be a serious concern.  Don't hesitate  if you have any kind of concern with potential water damage.
Condominium Association Services
CFP offers solutions to help reduce water consumption and large water expenses for individual homeowners or condominium associations. We also provide community associations, and it's management team, the  help it often needs to establish various plumbing and mechanical preventative maintenance schedules for their maintenance staff to adhere to, which includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Domostic Water Pumps
  • Hot Water Return Pumps
  • Balancing Hot Water Systems
  • Backflow Preventors

If your association is in the process of a developer turn-over, and you feel you need an expert review of your plumbing system(s), CFP can help answer all your questions and/or concerns.
Value Engineering/Consulting Services
Architects -- We can complement your MEP team with plumbing engineering plans.  Whether you have a residential remodel or a commercial project, small or large, CFP will review your plumbing plans and GUARANTEE to save you time and money before you submit your plans for permitting. 

Property Owners & Contractors - Don't have plumbing plans already drafted?  CFP can CAD your plumbing plans for you.  We will build-in our value engineering criterion to meet or exceed your budget projections.  Don't take for granted that others know how to save on project costs or that they will keep this in mind for you.  With our plumbing experience and knowledge of the Florida Building Code we GUARANTEE that the plans we draw will pass the permitting/review process the first time.  Plan review delays can cost your project valuable time and money.

Most people are unaware of just how much they can save on project planning.  Let us show you how CFP can help you.


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